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About Raelene:


I am a Certified Career & Leadership Coach, Positive Psychology Practitioner and Meditation & Yoga Teacher.  After 20 years of working in multi-national corporates, in 2012 I was inspired to pursue my own dreams and start a coaching and wellbeing business.  Career: Take 2 has evolved and grown with me, and I have been fortunate enough to support thousands of people with finding a career and life that they love too.  

Why the name Career: Take 2? 

Career Take 2 invites you to explore a new way of working and living that is aligned with your values, career ambitions and personal needs.   This is your opportunity to step away from the mundane and hectic and begin to operate in a way that feels balanced, fulfilling, and even fun. 

My Coaching Style: 

Clients often describe me as being non-judgemental, creative, articulate and considered.  A natural warmth and engaging style enables individuals to show up in an authentic way and openly talk through challenges. 

I will support you to identify your unique strengths, navigate choices and integrate practices to help you find the career and life you desire.   

On Meditation: 

I experienced the profound impact that meditation had on controlling my stress levels in 2015, and from that moment I was ‘hooked’.  I subsequently travelled throughout Australia and India completing numerous training programs, and now refer to it as my ‘secret weapon to success’.  Observing the radical transformation it has delivered in clients lives has further cemented my firm believe that meditation is a complete game-changer.

On Yoga: 

My goal as a teacher is to inspire clients to connect deeply with their bodies on an energetic, emotional and physical level.  Through developing the ability to focus inwards, and truly listen and observe, individuals begin to discard that which no longer supports them - leaving a greater sense of calm,  focus and energy. Yoga naturally connects students to harness their highest state of operating. 

Engaging the power of the meditation, breath and movement, I work with Hatha, Tantra and Himalayan Kundalini practices. 

My Personal Life: 

I live in Melbourne, Australia with my husband of 25 years, Matt, three growing children, Tom 19, Lucy 17 and Ella 15, and our adored 11 year old Cavalier, Henry.   I am passionate about many elements of life, so finding the time to fit everything in is my personal challenge... but some things are non-negotiable…  meditation, yoga and knowing that I’ve had a positive impact in some way each and every day.   

Curious and creative by nature, I love to learn, so I’ll frequently be found reading books, listening to podcasts or talking to people in different fields.  

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. Post Graduate Certificate in Career Development, Swinburne University of Melbourne

. Post Graduate Certificate in Human Resources Management, Swinburne University of Melbourne

. Graduate Diploma in Positive Psychology & Wellness, Langley Institute

. Mindfulness Based Stillness Meditation (MBSM), Gawler Foundation

. 200hr Yoga Teacher Training (YTT), The Light Collective & Yoga 8

. 40hr Master Mentorship Program, The Light Collective 

. Myers Briggs Typing I & II Accreditation

Professional Member – Career Development Association of Australia (CDAA)

Registered Yoga Teacher, Yoga Australia

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